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VFX Experience

VFX Support: Awards
Harry Potter Blue Screen

VFX Support

Jonathan began his movie career in the VFX sector of the industry. 2004 saw him leave University and join the team at Cinesite Europe, London. Later moving from Cinesite to The Moving Picture Company Jonathan worked on the render support team for 17 major motion pictures, including two Harry Potters, & countless commercials.

After years spent in the feature film realm, Jonathan moved on to become an Edit & Effects Assistant at The Moving Picture Company where quality control was a major part of the job.

Mickey Rourke as General Corbulo

Virtual Set

For Legionnaires Trail, interior dialog scenes between Mickey Rourke and Bai Ling were shot Green Screen. After spending time on the production as Second Unit Director and having a VFX Support background Jonathan was brought back in to direct these scenes.


A Legendary Trail

Laying out the days, working with minimalistic sets, Jonathan created the tone with Cinematographers Robert Reed Altman and Jon Tucker. Multiple dialog heavy scenes were shot over 3 days.

Vladimir Kulich on set


Working with VFX, Art & Prop Departments Jonathan helped to oversee the creation of minimal sets that reflected the characters they contained.

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