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All About Jonathan East

Jonathan East has always been captivated by arts. His experience has been paved by a true passion for film, television, and theatre. He quickly fell in love with movie making and has not looked back since, committing to a career of LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

Jonathan has been most recently working with Magol Films in Spain on feature film Legionnaires Trail. Not only did Jonathan take the helm for the actions scenes for this movie, but also the intimate green screen studio scenes between Mickey Rourke and Bai Ling, Joaqium de Almeida and Vladimir Kulich.

He has also Directed the short promotional piece Mercenaries: The Berserker for Magol Films. Mercenaries is currently in pre-production and is slated to begin production in Spain in 2020.

Previous to this endeavour Jonathan spent 5 seasons and over 2,500 hours working with the Stunt Dept on History Channels hit TV show Vikings. During this time he also managed to squeeze in a stint on Mary Queen of Scots  (Josie Rourke) & Allied (Robert Zemekis).

Jonathan has spent many years behind the camera creating countless Pre-visualisation videos for fight and action sequences. This experience helped him gain his expert knowledge of how to shoot the style of action consistently shot in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

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