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Jonathan has also spent part of the past 8 years working as a Stunt performer and much of the past 12 years studying the sword for Stage & Screen. Some of his credits include, Allied, Mary Queen of Scots and the History Channels Vikings.


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'From the Dark' Burn
Rollo Double  - Vikings - Seige Tower Fall
Taryn barker Demon Hunter - Demon
Ready to swing!
Dunran Castle fall - Vikings
Back off!
Dont let go!
You let go!
Balcony Fall - Vikings
Sleigh Ride
Seer Double - Vikings
MQOS Ambush Stunt Crew 2017
This isnt going to end well
Jonathan East
German Long Sword at Indiana University
Balcony Fall - Vikings
Vikings River Battle
'Mercenaries' explaining the action for the shot
Underwater Rollo Double - Vikings
3/4 Torch - Vikings

Jonathan East

Personal Stats

6’1' / 185cm

39’ / 99cm

33’ / 81cm

Leg, inside
34’ / 86cm

16’ / 40cm


13st / 85kg

EU - 46

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Ready to swing!